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Microsoft Excel 2011 | for Mac

With Microsoft Excel 2011 for the Mac, you can use a popular single program from the Office package. You can create professional calculations and data sheets in no time. Excel offers you countless possibilities to analyze and display statistics, calculations and other data.

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Microsoft Excel 2011 for Mac - Original Activation Key

Microsoft (R) Excel 2011 for Mac is designed to work with spreadsheets and provides the tools you need to get the most out of your business data on the Mac platform. Microsoft Office Excel for Mac offers powerful new data analysis capabilities, as well as new formulas and charts.

New features of Microsoft Excel for Mac:

  • Funnel charts and 2D maps
  • New Excel functions (CONCAT, TEXTJOIN, IFS, SWITCH).
  • New charts: Maps for comparing values and showing categories by geographic region.

Let's start with the user interface - in this respect, Excel 2011 differs significantly from its predecessors - numerous "" floating "" toolbars are gone - they have been replaced by two static bars and the ribbon, which we already know from other products from Office 2011- Suite are known. The advantages of such a static and uniform surface lie in the ease of working with several documents and in the time saved when switching between tools.

In addition to the actual appearance, the ways in which you work with tables have also changed in Excel 2011. The very first thing that catches your eye is a wide variety of templates to use for the design. When you add a huge online database, your options for decorating documents are almost limitless. Sparklines diagrams that can be inserted into a table cell are a new feature. This is a very useful feature when you don't need to create a general chart, but just want to look at the dynamics of value changes in a selected row.

The conditional formatting of cells has also been significantly improved with the transition to Excel 2011. Now it is no longer limited to three elements per cell, it only depends on your imagination and the amount of RAM. In addition, all formatting elements applied to a cell can be easily swapped with just one click.

Microsoft Excel 2011 for Mac better than ever

Microsoft Excel 2011 for Mac is one of the best versions of the world's most popular spreadsheet application, now with the added bonus of much better OS X integration. Microsoft Excel 2011 is part of Microsoft Office 2011 and has undergone major overhauls since Office 2008 was released, including the OS X-style user interface with many new templates and new sharing options. Excel is also part of Office 365, which integrates Microsoft Office into the cloud.

The biggest innovation is the introduction of the ribbon in Microsoft Excel 2011, which makes it easier to navigate and edit documents and makes them consistent with the Windows version. Spotlight is also now supported to make it easier to find documents on your Mac.

All of the old features include advanced filter and data analysis, as well as some other useful analysis options that make Excel such a powerful tool. You will also find that the new Excel uses far fewer resources than previous versions - it uses almost no CPU resources. With the integration with SkyDrive and SharePoint, sharing documents has become much easier. Note, however, that Microsoft Excel 2011 is currently only available in 32-bit. Microsoft Excel 2011 is a significantly improved version of the popular spreadsheet tool that OS X takes full advantage of.

Benefits of Excel 2011 for Mac

  • Much better integrated into OS X.
  • Integration with SkyDrive and SharePoint
  • Lots of new and interesting templates
  • Ribbon and spotlight integration
  • The exchange and sharing of documents has improved significantly
  • Integrated in Office 365

The VBA functionality made Excel vulnerable to macro viruses. Until antivirus products learned how to detect them, this was a serious problem. That's why Microsoft has added a selection of security modes:

  • Complete deactivation of macros
  • Activation of macros when opening the document

Microsoft Excel Protection offers several types of different passwords:

All passwords, except the password to open the document, can be removed immediately, regardless of the version of Microsoft Excel in which the document was created. These types of passwords are mainly used for teamwork on a document. When used, the document is not encrypted and the hash of the specified password is stored in the document.

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