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Microsoft Excel 2019 | for Mac

Microsoft Excel 2019 for your Mac is an unbeatable stand-alone program in the Office suite. You can create professional calculations and data sheets in no time at all. Excel offers you many options for analyzing and displaying statistics, calculations and other data.

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Microsoft Excel 2019 | for Mac - original activation key

Microsoft (R) Excel 2019 for Mac software is designed to work with spreadsheets and provides the tools you need to get the most out of business data on the Mac platform. Microsoft Office Excel for Mac 2019 brings powerful new data analysis capabilities, as well as new formulas and charts.

Microsoft Excel 2019 is a multifunctional, effective spreadsheet application that analyzes large amounts of data, creates reports, and identifies trends and patterns. In addition, you can track almost all information and perform basic calculations. All Excel functions are based on the principle of a grid of cells that can contain formulas, numbers and text. You specify data in cells and then group it into columns and rows. Data can be sorted and filtered, calculated and combined into tables and professional diagrams. Excel 2019's many tools and functions make it easy to navigate a wide variety of numbers and dates.

New features of Microsoft Office Excel for Mac 2019:

  • Funnel charts and 2D maps.
  • New Excel functions (TEXTJOIN, CONCAT, IFS, SWITCH).
  • New charts: Maps for comparing values and showing categories by geographic region.

Microsoft Excel Mac 2019 allows you to visualize information and choose the most suitable chart for a given task. Familiar keyboard shortcuts, autocomplete features, and improved formulas can all help reduce the time it takes to type data into a table. For a more detailed analysis of a large amount of information, you can use a new tool - a pivot table slicer.

Analytical data image

Excel adds intelligent features that remember familiar behaviors and organize data, saving you time. Easily create spreadsheets from templates and perform calculations using the latest formulas.

More visual representation of data

New charts and graphs help you present data in a compelling and visual way. Use various formatting options, sparklines, and tables to make your data easier to understand. Make forecasts and view trends with one click.

Better together

Give colleagues real-time access to your documents. You always have the latest version of the document so you can get the job done quickly. With Office 365 you can work with Excel files on your mobile device, computer and browser.

Microsoft Office Excel 2019 software is designed to work with spreadsheets and provides the tools you need to get the most out of your business data. Microsoft Office Excel 2019 includes new features such as new charts, improved graphics, improved accessibility, easier sharing, improved pivot tables, Power Pivot updates, and much more.

Main features of Microsoft Office Excel 2019

  • New charts: Maps for comparing values and showing categories by geographic region.
  • Improved graphics: Scalable vector graphics (SVG) with filters applied, converting SVG symbols to shapes, inserting 3D models to show all angles.
  • Ink enhancements: ink effects (metal pens and ink effects like rainbow, galaxy, lava, ocean, gold, silver and more), new pencil texture, customizable and portable pen set, play button, surface pen select and modify objects.
  • Improved accessibility through updated support for international standards and user-friendly guidelines for access to documents.
  • General improvements: faster access to indexes; improved autocompletion; new themes (color, dark gray and white)

Functions and possibilities of Excel 2019:

A variety of templates allow you to do most of the routine work of styling and arranging elements. For example templates for creating reports, forms and calendars, for budget planning and for many other tasks.

Fast analysis tools make it easy to convert data into a table or chart. To effectively visualize your data, you can use charts and graphs that best illustrate patterns. You can see them in preview mode and find the best option.

The instant completion feature allows you to automatically recognize the pattern and fill in the rest of the data. Each document is displayed in a separate window, making it easier to work with multiple tables at the same time, even when using two monitors. The ability to use various math, static, trigonometric and engineering functions, functions for working with time and date, links, and text and logic functions in calculations.

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