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Microsoft Word 2013 | for Windows

Use Microsoft Word 2013 as a stand-alone program in the Office package. Create professional texts, letters, reports or other documents. With Word you simply formulate your works and present them in different formats.

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Microsoft (R) Word 2013 | for Windows - original product key

Microsoft (R) Word 2013 - An overview

The Microsoft (R) Word 2013 program - published by Microsoft (R) - is one of the best-known, typical and most widely used programs for processing texts worldwide. In 1989 the first Microsoft (R) Office with integrated Word was published by Microsoft (R). The Word brand is a constant companion for text creation and editing for both private individuals and professional users. Word has been continuously improved and developed since the original version was published. Accordingly, Microsoft (R) Word 2013 builds on these improvements and can therefore provide you with one of the most popular and intuitive word programs.

With the Microsoft (R) Word 2013 - Original Product Key offered here, you can install and activate the software on your Windows computer.
Word 2013 allows you to use the program for work, such as setting up and preparing professional letters or using it in a creative or private context, for example when you are preparing a menu for a private meal or even if you are working on your own Work such as a novel. Use the innumerable possibilities of this software, so that you too can create qualitative texts within a short time and thus be able to perpetuate yourself in writing either privately or in a professional context.

Features of Microsoft (R) Word 2013

Microsoft (R) Word 2013 offers you revised formatting functions and enables you to add effects to images and to edit texts intuitively. The software offered here also provides the option of PDF conversion. This allows you to use the program to open PDF files in Word 2013 in order to edit tables or paragraphs, for example, and to save them in the form of a separate Word file. In addition, Word 2013 remembers where you paused editing and jumps to this location when you reopen the file so that you can continue working right where you left off. In this way, you can always return to your last edited paragraph or comment, even with multi-page documents.

System requirements

Processor: At least 1 gigahertz (GHz), x86 bit processor or x64 bit processor
Main memory (RAM): At least 1 gigabyte of RAM (32-bit version) or at least 2 gigabytes of RAM (64-bit version)
Graphics card: Graphics card with DirectX10 compatibility or newer
Storage space: At least 3 gigabytes
Screen resolution: At least 1024 x 576 pixels resolution
Operating systems : Windows Server 2003 (SP2), Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10

(For further information and statements on the system requirements, please refer to the manufacturer's information.)

More Information
Version 2013
Backup medium Download (all EU languages)
Language All European
Period unlimited
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