Software Installation

On this site, you can read general detailed instructions on how to install software. Please choose a category and continue step by step.

Operating Systems

We always recommend performing a complete reinstall of the operating system. Please do not perform an upgrade. Unfortunately, too many cases are reported where upgrades do not work correctly.

  1. You receive by email some external suggested sites and links for downloading the software. Please make sure to choose the correct version and language. After downloading you have to unpack the ZIP file. For this, you can use tools like Winrar, WinZip, Zip7.

  2. You cannot start the downloaded ISO file by double-clicking it. Operating systems must be installed differently. First, you have to create a bootable medium. You have two options (DVD or USB):

    1. To create a bootable DVD, insert a blank DVD into your drive. Then right-click on the downloaded ISO file. Now select the option ‘Burn disk image’. Then select the desired drive containing the DVD and confirm the selection with ‘Burn’. This process may take a few minutes.

    2. To create a bootable USB stick, use a tool such as ‘Rufus’. This can be found easily via Google. Please download and run this utility program. No installation is necessary. Now select the USB stick you have connected to your PC and the ISO file you have downloaded. Now start the creation process.
  1. Now back up all important data (e.g. on external hard disks), as the new operating system will installed entirely from fresh.
  1. Restart your PC and hold/press the F12 key while it is starting up. The boot menu will open. Using the arrow keys, select the desired boot medium and confirm by hitting ‘Enter’.
  1. Installation of the operating system will begin. Select ‘Installation without product key’ if this option appears. You can easily enter the licence key at the end of the installation. Sometimes problems arise if the licence key is entered too early. First, download all updates after installation before entering the licence key.
  1. When the installation is complete, you will be prompted to activate Windows. To do so, please use the licence key that you purchased from us.

  2. Complete activation via the Internet. If activation fails, please delete the licence key under “System properties”. Enter the licence key again and then repeat the online activation process. Sometimes it will not work until the second try.
Office Products

Before you start the installation, you must delete all Office installations on your PC (Office 365, OneNote, trial versions, etc.). Not removing these previous installations will cause problems later on when activating your Office installation. After the installation, there are often old system files that are still hidden on your PC. We recommend the official Windows Tool to remove the software. Click the link and go to “Option 2”:

  1. You receive by email some extern suggested sites and links for downloading the software. Please make sure to choose the correct version and language.
    Important: Regardless of your operating system’s architecture, Microsoft always recommends the 32-bit version, as problems often occur with the 64-bit version. We also recommend 32-bit version. Statement by Microsoft:

  2. Unzip the downloaded zipped folder. To do so, you can use Winrar, WinZip, 7zip or many other suitable programs. When unzipping Winrar files, it is not uncommon to receive an error message such as ‘Unexpected end of archive’ or ‘Checksum error’. If this happens, select the option “Repair archive” under “Tools” in Winrar. In most cases you will then be able to unzip the repaired archive without any problems. If you still experience problems, we recommend that you try using different software to unzip the file or enter the error in Google. In 99 percent of the cases, you will this take you straight to a working solution.

  3. Once the folder is unzipped, open it. This folder contains a large number of files.
    Important: For Office 2019, you must run the ‘Click to Run’ file, not Setup.exe.
    Otherwise, run the exe directly (double-click).

  4. When you run the file, a window will appear when opening an Office application for the first time. In this window you must enter the licence key you have purchased. It can also happen that you only have to enter the licence key at the end. Activation normally takes place online. If the online activation does not work, this can be caused by a variety of different issues and is not unusual! In this case, you will be given the option for telephone activation; this works without any trouble. Telephone activation usually takes 5-8 minutes.

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